The Tapestry Registry is designed to broaden the reach and visibility of organizations that support the launch and growth of Black businesses, in order to advance and accelerate their efforts.

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About the
Tapestry Registry

The Tapestry Registry advances Black business development by providing an infrastructure that supports innovation and identifies resources and opportunities to bring greater alignment to existing efforts to launch, grow, and scale Black businesses.

Opportunities to showcase individual projects and innovations as well as the collective story, which participants can leverage to advance their work and their message.


Tapestry will help entrepreneurs and services providers find each other and help launch and develop Black businesses throughout the country.


The Tapestry Registry serves as a platform, allowing participants to network, share information, engage in peer learning, and collaborate on policies and plans.


Collective Impact of the Tapestry Registry (2022)

37,485 individuals served

1,726 training programs or workshops offered

534 funding partners

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Access to Capital

Providing entrepreneurs capital in order to start and/or grow their business. (i.e. direct lending or grant programs for small businesses)

Market Access

Supporting entrepreneurs to expand their market (i.e. assistance with digital marketing, gaining government contracts, and entering supplier networks).


Expanding the number of entrepreneurs within a specific field or segment (i.e. training and coaching to create more entrepreneurs among high schoolers, more entrepreneurs in the tech industry, more entrepreneurs among women).

Removal of Barriers

Providing support to entrepreneurs to empower them and become more educated business owners (i.e. general business support, training in accessing procurement).

  • 3,988 Total number of loans awarded

  • $288,403,407 Total dollar amount of loans dispersed

  • 18,189 Total number of grants awarded

  • $41,454,730 Total amout of grants dispersed

  • 163 Total number of businesses with new/improved physical spaces

  • 235 Businesses with expanded presence (brick and mortar, digital, contracts, etc)

  • 2,457 Total number of individuals served

  • 1,815 Total number of new businesses started

  • 33,210 Total number of individual (1:1) technical assistance sessions conducted

  • 92,567 Total number of hours spent providing technical assistance

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We have received hundreds of applications from organizations across the country serving black-owned small businesses.

After extensive vetting and review, we have verified several programs and services to showcase in the Tapestry Registry.

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